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PEB / Disk Drive Question


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Recently picked up a TI-99/4A PEB, and after a little massaging, got it working pretty nicely. Figure i did pretty well for $75 + shipping. Had a question, though: I was surprised to discover that the disk commands in BASIC (LOAD, SAVE, etc.) only work when you type them in all caps. This was all the more surprising because the manual didn't mention this anywhere, it was only my own guess that this was why the drive in the PEB wouldn't work when I typed in commands in BASIC but did clearly work when I loaded the Disk Manager software.


My question is: is this really how it is designed to work? I guess it must be, but yet I have a hard time believing it for some reason.

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Youre right... That's what my first post was about... but I deleted it because I didn't think he was asking about the devices. :)


Yes... the devices must be capitalized due to how the computer looks them up. The DSRs in the devices have the device name, and dsk1 is not the same as DSK1. ;)

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