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Atari ST's still used in the music industry?

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Maybe as a lo-fi sequencer?...MIDI trigger? Other than that..if it doesn't run Pro Tools, it won't be anywhere near a DAW. I'm sure some hipster is out there tinkering with it at home, and hey, why not? But I couldn't imagine how cumbersome it would be to use it to do anything other than the two things I mentioned. Even back then, the Mac was what I saw most guys using to do those things.

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If something you're using for music still works, why replace it? I'm sure most musicians would rather spend time composing music instead of re-learning software that's always changing and updated every couple months.


But OTOH modern laptops are better for taking on the road. Recently Fatboy Slim said he still uses his ST in the studio but on stage he's using a MacBook because of it's portablity, which makes sense.

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Have the link..? I'd like to see. I'm quite fascinated by this topic. I know nothing about music creation, but old tech used today in a meaningful way is interesting.

The video wasn't about the MIDI capabilities.... it was just a casual mention. The video was more of a comparison of Amiga-ST gameplay.

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A couple of years ago my band rehearsed at a studio where they had an ST and SM214 monitor in the main sound room. I got all excited and asked the owner what projects he'd used it for and his reply...


None. It was there for nostalgia only.


Pity. I still used Cubase on an Atari as a MIDI drum sequencer / editor but I'm a hobbyist. I don't know of anyone using them professionally. There are a few people that use Notator / Creator as a composition tool I believe but most of them then transfer it to a modern DAW.

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