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Glitchy Bally Arcade = Art


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I just came across a 2016 book called Glitch Art in Theory and Practice by Michael Betancour. The book looks like this:


The book seems to have at least part of a chapter that deals with a 2 1/2 minute video called Digital TV Dinner. This video is, basically, a recording of an Astrocade not-turning on correctly. We've all seen this... I had no idea that it was art. Yeah, I know, anything can be art if we just agree on it. Or, even if we don't agree.

Here is a link to the release of Glitch Art in Theory and Practice:


Here's a link to the Digital TV Dinner video on YouTube:

A large portion of the book seems to be available to read on Google Books, here:



I'm semi-curious to read the book, but at about $60 for 150 pages... that's pretty steep for me.

The Astrocade doesn't get much press, so it figures that it would get attention for freaking out (something that it excels at doing on a regular basis)!


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I contacted the books author. He replied with the following email to me:


"Thanks for the write up. It looks good except that my name is spelled "Betancourt." If you want to read my piece on just Digital TV Dinner, I have a [24-page] stand-alone version of its history available on my website here:



"Chicago gets forgotten a lot, its too bad since there's so much good work that came out of there in the 70s and 80s. But that seems to be a result of the histories being written by people in NY and San Francisco! Do you know the Media Burn Archive? There's so much online from Chicago there to look at :)"

Thanks to Michael for replying to me; I'm going to read the chapter on Digital TV Dinner. If anyone else reads it, and has comments about it, why not post them here.




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