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One heck of an expensive IIGS dust cover...but I bought it


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I was on the fence about this one for a while and have seen it on ebay for awhile. $70 for a dust cover is pricey to me, but I am a believer in dust covers as every vintage computer I own that is in mint condition (not yellowed, clean and new looking) came from the owner WITH a dust cover. I believe the dust covers make the difference, and I also need them as dust seems to collect on everything in my house anyway :) So, I made the plunge and I am really glad I did. This is a really well designed 100% leather cover and looks great. I love the green :) The pic looks a little washed out due to my crappy camera (it is a deeper green in person) but here is a pic of it currently in use:


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looks good. You just need one for the naked commodore! I don't think $70 is too much, especially for leather!

I wonder if there is a viable market for a company to start producing retro computer dust covers again? They could also do classic consoles too. I know my BBC Master 128 would LOVE one.

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