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TI LOGO II error when loading cartridge


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I recently picked up a complete TI LOGO II binder much to my delight since it had been easily 35 years since I had seen one of these last.


When I put in the cartridge and load, though, the TI gives an error to the effect of 'Please Check TI System'- leafing through the documentation it's pretty vague at the beginning but I think this ties back to it needing the 32k Memory Expansion to work.


Can someone confirm this is the case? It's not a game-ender for me, just something else I'm going to have to convince my wife that I *need* for my nascent collection, hehehehe.

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Yep. This is the definition for Logo 2 in MAME, as I set it up after testing. See element "usage".



<software name="logo2">
  <description>TI LOGO II</description>
  <publisher>Texas Instruments</publisher>
  <info name="serial" value="PHM 3109"/>
  <info name="usage" value="Requires 32K expansion"/>
  <part name="cart" interface="ti99_cart">
   <feature name="pcb" value="standard"/>
   <dataarea name="grom" size="0x6000">
    <rom name="phm3109g3.bin" size="0x1800" crc="a7711c24" sha1="86ddc703e6cb58d4a03e558434ff90ed77fb9ac1" offset="0x0000" />
    <rom name="phm3109g4.bin" size="0x1800" crc="18053328" sha1="902c60725e12dffa3dd9310b8172836537e0fd70" offset="0x2000" />
    <rom name="phm3109g5.bin" size="0x1800" crc="04a34143" sha1="a1b1526e1ce9508c22ae63ceff87c85a04caf621" offset="0x4000" />
   <dataarea name="rom" size="0x2000">
    <rom name="phm3109c.bin" size="0x2000" crc="5a9d8f24" sha1="4df7bf9fa6ff44bab560e22234746ef4276f6636" offset="0x0000" />
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aha! sweet, thank you for the confirmation.


I saw a 32k expansion card on Arcadeshopper's webpage, so I guess I will start working on my 'budget request' from my boss. ;)


that would be JediMatt's 32k side car. Great unit.


Remember if you are using it with a speech synthesizer you will need to provide an external power source or jump power across pin 1 since the speech does not pass the power through it.

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