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Anyone use Xbox One as a media centre? Question


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Anyone use their XBox One with an external hard drive to store vast amounts of media (movies, tv shows etc)?

I've been trying to back up all my media to a 4TB hard drive and use the XBox as the means to view with the XBox media app.


The problem is that somewhere along the way, the XBox stopped reading some of the video files correctly and can't see some video files I know are there.


When I plug the same media device into my Roku 3, the Roku sees and plays every single thing without a hitch. When I plug into a computer, same thing.


This leads me to believe the XBox has some form of corrupted index or directory that's causing chaos. Anyone have idea on how to resolve this? I'd prefer to avoid starting completely over or copying Terabytes of data to another hard drive.

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I have a network drive that my computer can see, but my X can't any more. Weird stuff.


I wonder if it's a similar issue. Something in the OS gets confused or some file manifest gets corrupted.


I feel like it's the OS because I've now tried several apps on the XBox and they all have trouble viewing the exact same files. Yet the Roku and Mac have no issue.


It persists through a reboot, including unplugging the device for a substantial amount of time, then re-plugging in

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I realize this doesn't solve your immediate problem, but I use Plex to do media streaming to my X1, and it's always worked like a charm.

Funny you should mention that. I recently set up a simple Plex server and it solved my problems. Slick app too ... one of the best I've used in a while.


If I have a gripe, it's that when it fails, it fails pretty spectacularly. Sometime in "intelligently matching" shows to get artwork and descriptions, it renames things in really bizarre ways and also has a habit of mixing and matching different shows and titles by mistake.

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