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So the computer in the den has Windows Vista on it. It informed me that Windows Vista is no longer being supported by Windows, so we have no virus protection or anything of that nature on it. So I guess we have to go out and buy a new computer tomorrow. Whoopee. That means setting it up and trying to make it work and, if any indication of how hard mine was, lots of swearing and yelling. I liked Windows Vista. The computer still works, but it won't be able to go on the internet without warning us it's time to upgrade. So it's time to upgrade. Why can't we still use Vista? Every few seconds there's some change some stupid electronic company has to do and it makes your old thing obsolete. Why? To get more money? That's dumb. And greedy. But unfortunately there's nothing you or I can do about it. And Windows 10 is very stupid. It has suggested "apps" (programs) when I click the start button, and they're nothing I would want. And as long as I'm wishing, I'd like Windows 95 back. And a million dollars. And a Vectrex.

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