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Problems with AV RCA jacks on Atari composite mod


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Hi everyone. I have installed a couple composite mods on some 2600s and some of the jacks start twisting after I plug in and unplug the cables a few times. The jacks are tightened as much as I can manage to get them (and I don't think they will tighten more as the whole jack twists, not individual pieces as they do when loose). Does anyone know of a good way other than dumping glue on the jack to stop this from happening, or is glue my only choice? If so, is there a certain type that works best? Thanks!

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If you line up and bend the grounding ring tab perpendicular with a flat on the holding nut, that will help quite a bit


If frequent plug/unplug operations is expected, a drop of super glue makes a great thread locker. But do so only after the soldered connections are made, otherwise fumes can leave deposits and contaminate your solder joints.

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Actually the ones that have the washers have been the problem jacks for me. The washer was between the nut and the piece you fees the grounding wire through. I will swap those around and hopefully that will do the job. Thanks!


yea that's the configuration they come in but I found it works better if its case, lock washer, tab, nut


also you can gronk on them pretty good if you use like some grippy rubber (like they sell "jar openers" which are a thin rubber) to hold the outside and use a wrench on the nut. course keep in mind its old plastic and cheap brass (at best) metal in the jacks so don't overdo it

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