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Atari 800 Stuff


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I came across a ton of Atari 800 stuff. I have like 8 cartridge games, a few 5.25 games, and just a ton of manuals/documentation. I collect video game stuff, but i really don't go much older than the 2600. Also, i don't typically collect complete, i'm normally a loose kinda guy... Anyway, i guess my question is, does anyone know what this stuff is worth and/or where would the best place be to trade or sell this stuff? I'm possibly considering keeping the 800 and drives (i doubt it though), but i would really rather see this stuff go to someone that would appreciate it instead of sitting in my basement. Anyway, any info on this stuff would be appreciated. Thanks. Here are some pictures:




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Holy cow, that's quite a bunch of stuff! If you sold it piecemeal you'd make a LOT more than selling it as a lot. But as a lot, it's a couple hundred bucks or so, give or take, plus a lot for shipping. And if you do ship it, PLEASE pack it very, very carefully. The plastics on those 800's are getting fragile with age. :(


Now having said all that, what someone like me drools over are all those books! I had most of them as a kid and wish I'd held onto them. Some of them sell for $25 or more each in good condition.

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