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2017HSC round 9 - XEVIOUS


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Starts: April 16

Ends, April 30, midnight (UTC-6:00) Central Time (US & Canada)

The usual fine print: No save states, cheats, bug exploits, etc.


Difficulty Switches: Player's choice (A/A or B/B)

7800 HSC High Score Record: oyamafamily 302,920

Break a 7800 HSC record for two bonus points

Manual: http://atariage.com/manual_thumbs.php?SoftwareLabelID=716

Bonus: Do you have any videogame clothing? Show us a pic for one bonus point!



Xevious (NTSC) (Atari) (1987).a78


Final scores:


211300 Jin +1
211110 oyamafamily +1
45360 Dauber +1
41070 roadrunner
39620 Trebor +1
28870 BydoEmpire +1
19870 troff
17870 toiletunes


Rankings through game 8:


84 Oyamafamily
59 Toiletunes

51 Jin (up)
49 S.Baz
41 SIO2
39 Nuclear Pacman
35 LaurenTyler
29 Trebor

17 Northcoastgamer (new)
15 Gorfy

13 roadrunner (up)
13 GoldenWheels

08 BydoEmpire (up)
07 Mister-VCS
06 Dauber
06 jblenkle
05 troff
05 Darthkur
05 Deteacher
04 JonnyBritish
04 Mangia-Boy
02 Atarifever
02 Cafeman
02 JacobZu7Zu7
01 KosmicStardust
01 LidLikesIntellivision
01 Vocelli


Round 10 will be a new game and/or variation, something that hasn't been tried on the 7800HSC yet, stay tuned...

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(just to be honest, I play this game on Difficulty AA for 1-button function)

Just for rules clarification, are we allowed to play on A/A difficulty? I've been playing on B/B difficulty with a CX-78 Europad and it would make the game a lot easier if I could drop bombs without taking my thumb off the fire button by playing on A/A.

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It's been pretty clear to me this week that if I was going to improve my score in Xevious then I'd have to know more than just where the 4 secret flags were located, I was going to have to memorize the locations of all the hidden Sol Towers as well. I put it off for much of a week until tonight I finally sat down and spent about 4 hours playing Xevious while carefully studying area maps for the game to learn the locations of all the Sol Towers and memorize them as I played. It took quite a bit of practice but eventually I was able to memorize the location of every Sol Tower up to Area 14, which is the farthest I've ever made it in the game. The studying and practice paid off and I have what I feel like is a pretty good new high score to show for it. :)


On a side note, I tried playing with the left difficulty switch set to the A position to make the ship fire it's gun and drop bombs with a single button press but I just couldn't get the hang of timing my bomb drops when both actions were on a single button; so I ended up playing on the normal B/B setting where one button fires the ship's gun and the other drops bombs. I've included some video evidence too this time to show that I was indeed playing on Advanced mode.



Xevious (Advanced, B/B Difficulty): 211,300







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Xevious has secret targets? D'oh! I'll have to give it another chance someday.

That it does! There are 4 hidden white flags that will give you 1,000 points for uncovering their location by dropping a bomb on them and an extra life for flying over and collecting them, plus dozens of Sol Towers to find that will give you 2,000 points for uncovering them with a bomb and another 2,000 points for blowing them up with a bomb once they're raised.


The flags are in the same vertical position every game but their horizontal location changes every time you play, whereas the Sol Towers are always in the exact same spots every time. You can find their locations on the maps that I linked to in my last post. :)



Xevious final attempt, advanced and difficulty A/A 211,110


Awesome score Oyama, but you really shouldn't have let me win if you could have beaten my score. I'd rather take second place and know that you played your best than get first place because someone let me win. There is no victory without honor. :)

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45,360. Heh. I actually got farther in advanced than I ever got in standard. :)


The video game clothing pictures I submitted: the front and back of what I call The Tie Dye To End All Tie Dye.







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