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more F18A only Slideshow Pics.


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As mentioned elsewhere, I've been building a collection of F18A / slideshow99 compatible pix using Tursi's little convertor proggy (which is a lot of fun to fiddle with). And so here's a small batch....


I was going to categorize them, but I'm way too lazy to be that organized. That being said, I have created a separate disk of NLL (National Lacrosse League) logos (past and present) since, as always, I become completely obsessed/stressed-out at this time of year as the post-season draws ever closer... I know, I know, what kind of Canadian puts ANYTHING above hockey??? Well, I was raised in a Lacrosse town, so I like my hockey to have BALLS! (Although congrats to the Leafs for making it into the Playoffs).


I've attached a single ZIP file for those who do not use a CF7/nanoPEB, so that you can use HDX, Floppies or your storage medium of choice.


If you do use CF's I have also attached 5 separate CF7 discs (each contains 21 images). All but two or three of the images are converted from bitmaps I have on my PC, so many will be instantly familiar, but I think it's safe to say, this is their first appearance on a 4A.


If there is already a thread where we are sharing these (besides the sample batch in the Flashrom99 thread), I ask that these get moved there and point me there for future reference. But if this is the first such post of this kind, then what's up with that??? I haven't looked, but I'd wager there are forum repositories of Spectrum512 images in the Atari forums!







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