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question about diskettes for use with the TI 99 4A


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I was doing some research today about diskettes and the TI; I think it'd be neat to have 5 or so blank disks to save TI EB programs on or just generally have on hand to mess with.


Can someone confirm these are the specs for the disks?


Diskette type: SA 104 (ANSI standard 5.25") -- Single side, single density
Encoding method: FM single density
Capacity: 92l6O Bytes per disc
2304 Bytes per track
256 Bytes per sector
40 Tracks per side
9 Sectors per track
If so- where in the world would someone even get disks that still meet this format?
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Any 5.25 disk that identifies itself as DSDD (double sided, double density) with soft sectors meets the requirement. Note that the soft sector requirement is just as important as the DSDD identifier, as some of the disks back then used something called hard sectors. A hard sector disk has one index hole per formatted sector on a track, while a soft sector disk has just one index hole--period. Avoid disks with an HD identifier like the plague. . .


The DSDD disks will also often be identified as 360K disks. That's what you want, as a 360K soft sector disk can be formatted to any of the formats the TI uses (SSSD, SSDD, DSSD, and DSDD). Soft sector disks are generalists. . .

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I wouldn't lock myself to SSSD disks, since you never know when a DSDD disk controller might cross your path (and if you ever decide to go the route of an HxC drive emulator, a disk controller upgrade should probably be on your wish list.


Get DSDD disks now! Sure, you'll only be able to format them SD with a stock TI controller, but you can always write to both sides by flipping over the disk, so no waste there. At least that way, when you're ready to go from 90K to 360K you'll already have a bunch of disks ready to re-format and fill.

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it's funny you mention the fan thing because that's the first thing my son commented on last night when i fired my new PEB up.


'That fan is really loud, dad'


'Quiet, son, it's amazing'


If you ever feel like swapping out the fan on your P-Box << CLICK HERE >> for my blog entry on it.

Now that I think about it, the extra P-Box I want to get rid of is the one in this blog entry.

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