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Excali-blog - Nobody here but us nobody -OR- Angels on my shoulders?


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I remember some educated moron with doctrinal authority proclaiming that man had no idea of his own reflection until the invention of mirrors. This stirred me as do most assumptions made by the 'modern'. I say this because this poem can confuse.

Still Water on the Wall By Jason Lee Caraway

Still Water on the Wall
When I look I see my fall
As I stare I see a face
Glaring from another place
Another place that has to be
as he looks from the other sea
My left eye is his right eye there
So as I wink we are a pair
So while we look we are aware
Encapsulated in a stare
Still Water long ago, for me
Stumbled down on the ground
or in the sea
Looming then, overhead a man
Sorting out the ripples
if he can
Quieting the swaying if he may
The stars behind, alarmed
The sun by day
But the towering empowering
we find no more
In our feeble doppleganger door
Never there a mere distortion
to adore
Like the heavy stillness of the
stirring bed
Untaming as it will
the level head

I put these poems up here for people to read, but mostly for EL. I love you forever. I dream of reaching out and touching your hand to mine. I fantasize about our first kiss. I need you.

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