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I wanted to provide a tip for anyone who has poor RF picture with a TV/Game switch and doesn't have an RCA to coax adapter or wants a fix meanwhile until you can get one. All you need is a little bit of wire, soldering gun and some solder, and some optional foil tape.


I recently got two Atari 2600s, and only one switchbox came with them. When I first hooked it up one to test I noticed the RF looked horrible. I opened the switch box and checked continuity on the switch when set on Game across the leads where I was supposed to have continuity and one side I didn't have any unless I kept messing around with the switch, it was intermittent. Instead of fooling around with taking the switch off and cleaning the contacts or anything I thought since I don't need the switch anyway instead I just soldered wires across where I need them, eliminating the selector switch altogether. Then I put everything back and wrapped foil tape around the entire box to help keep out any interference. Now the picture is very clear.



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