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Paragon Pinball

DarQ Massacres

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a few questions about this machine if anyone here can help me out.

my local arcade has this machine and no one there has gotten a high score on it that is worth while other than 1 guy, I want to top him since I am #2. I would like to know the best point strategy for the machine. Also, if anyone knows what will happen if you turn the score than that would be great, thanks.

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The three main things you want to focus on in Paragon are the bonus multipliers, end of ball bonus, and the Golden Cliffs (left saucer at top of playfield).


If you have the ball on one of the right flippers, go for the left inline drop targets. This builds your end of ball bonus multipliers. Knock all of them down and hit the saucer, and it should light the extra ball.


If you have the ball on the left flipper, shoot for the right loop to put the ball back to the top of the playfield. Left saucer collects the current Golden Cliff value and also raises the value (this becomes big as the game goes on), and the right saucer collects Paragon letters. You can also try to tap pass from the left flipper over to the right lower flipper so you can go for the inline drops, but unless you are skilled at this, I would just shoot for the top of the playfield from the left. Golden Cliff collections are really valuable over the course of a game.


Various targets on the playfield as well as the spinner builds your end of ball bonus. If you can get the 20 light lit (20,000 end of ball bonus), that will lock in and carry over from ball to ball. If you can get it up to 40 on ball 1, that's a lot of free bonus points (not counting the drop target multipliers) for the rest of the game.


Don't flip with the mini flipper. If the ball goes up to that area, simply hold it up. This will let you feed the ball safely to one of the lower flippers.


Anything else on the playfield is not worth going for without putting the ball at risk.


You need to make sure you are good with drop catching and bounce passing on this game, otherwise you probably won't be able to put up big scores consistently.

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