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Polaris does not work on 7800 (with or without cartridge)


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Not sure if I should post this on 2600 or 7800 forums.

I have Tigervision's Polaris but it does not work in my 7800, not even if I remove it from the cartridge. I know most Tigervision games do not work on some 7800 models because of the cartridge shape.

It worked (with cartridge) in a model I had like 20 years ago, but in this one it doesn't.

Once I accidentaly inserted it backwards on the slot and then turned on, can it damage the game?

Is there any way it can work again?


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Does it work in a 2600?

It could just be your 7800. There are several internal revisions of the 7800, and some of them seem to be funny about certain 2600 games. For instance, my 7800 causes a bug in Princess Rescue where you get stuck on the top of the screen if you try to jump along it, making certain sections of the game impassable. When I first got the game, the 7800 is what I happened to have out so that's what I first played it on, and I thought that's just how the game was. I was really puzzled when I got to a point that seemed impossible and found out that, no, it's just my 7800. :-D

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