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Collector's Box Edition of RAIN OF TERROR... with Joystick Support!

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ok, nice to see the interest in another production run of the Rain of Terror collector box edition!


We are kind of on the edge of "enough" to make sense to start another production run. It would be better if there were a couple more takers.


That said, I am starting the organization process to get everything rolling for another run. I'll keep an update here. This isn't going to really get moving until after the holidays. So again, patience please.


Let me know if there are others that are interested so you can be included in this batch.



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Put me on the list too.


I could handle shipping along any further copies if it's only 3 (as you suggest) for same shipping price.

Level42, can you clarify what you mean here?


Are you saying that a bundle of multiple copies could be shipped to you (for combined shipping to lower freight cost per unit) and then you could ship them for the last mile to each individual?


That's great if that's what you meant. Can you just clarify that, and also if so, then what geographic area could you include in the proposal?




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I note the prior interest expressed in a cartridge run. Is that possible now? If so, I’d be in for two. :)

We had started looking into what it would take to do it, and the cost. At this time we have decided not to pursue it but it could be a possibility in the future. Just too many things to pursue and not enough time.


So for now it will continue to be the floppy version only.

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Ok, a little teaser... a new production batch has commenced!




That being said, this is going to take a while to complete. Nevertheless, it has begun. :)


So no rush on paying, I am currently reserving a copy for everyone who said they were interested at the $40/unit price.


However, once this production batch is completed these will go "first come first serve" based on who has paid.



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Finally!!! We have another very limited batch of Rain of Terror Collector's Box Edition available for sale again.


Sorry this has taken SO LONG to get them ready for sale. 


These are all individually numbered with unique serial numbers (both on the printed box as well as on the disk itself).  


This new batch is priced at $45 each plus shipping charges.


We are still honoring the previous $40 price for anyone who had already committed to purchase at that price.  I will be reaching out to those individuals first to confirm whether they are still interested.


Beyond that, these will go first come first serve at the $45/each price (plus shipping).


Just post here or PM me if you are interested.






inside ROT box.jpg

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Ok, we still have a few copies left of the Boxed Collector's edition of Rain of Terror.


Black Friday bundle deal !!... while supply lasts, we will also include the physical copy of War Room for free (on a labeled 5.25" floppy disk and with color manual).  Great two-player game for the holidays. 


$45 USD in total for BOTHRain of Terror boxed edition AND War Room floppy+manual (plus shipping).


PM me if interested so I can provide quote for shipping.


More information below on the Rain of Terror Boxed Collector's edition...

- Custom full-color shrink-wrapped Collector's Box (illustrated front+back and inside)

- Illustrated User’s manual

- Rain of Terror sticker

- Program disk with printed label:

  • Side 1: Rain of Terror (Paddle and Joystick compatible)
  • Side 2: Bonus material

- Each limited box and disk is printed with a unique serial number

- Some additional goodies included in the box, just for fun





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