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the Forgotten ones

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​Growing up in 1993, I grew to cherish the likes of Tomb raider, Duke Nukem 3D, Doom (which I played in 2002) and even Tarzan, all for windows 98. a lot of these games are considered "old fashioned" and "casual" is now used as an insult. and it saddens me to see the once proud gaming community, be reduced to infighting and rivalry. we used to be a fun loving community. now, go on a board and mention the new DOOM. flame bait. how Quake 4 is better than the original? instant ban. maybe it's just me, but I yearn for the good old days of gaming. back when Sega Ruled with an iron fist and Nintendo struggled to compete, when Games were...actual games, not 60 dollars a pop for an hours worth of crap, but actual games that you could play, enjoy with friends and be happy with. when rental stores still existed and the words DLC and MIcro-transaction, did not exist.

the gaming industry is going down a path I do not want to follow. I will hold onto my xbox, ps2 and Wii with both hands but will not touch another system (save the PC and xbox one) ever again.




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I think you need to look up in which section of the forum you are posting. While there is a DOOM project for the C64 with SuperCPU, and a Tarzan game by Martech 1986 (plus a few more, I see from Gamebase64), I doubt it is these specific games you like to discuss.

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