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HSC14 Round 9 Poll

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    • Buried Buck$
    • Snokie
    • Gateway to Asphai
    • Warhawk
    • Carlsson's Mixed Bag

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Buried Buck$

Bomb holes and grab the $s. Info My info has last played in season 5 - I thought we had played this more recently :ponder:







Gateway to Apshai





Candidate for the most intense shooter ever. I see this has been fixed by Fandal not sure what for as it used to work just fine on cassette!



Carlson's Mixed Bag:


I did something unusual. I utilized a random number generator to first select 5 different letters, then based on how many entries there are on each letter on Atarimania, I randomized which game in order to pick. I added two rules: if the entry I ended up with is missing, looks like a non-game, an adventure or strategy game without scoring I picked the closest action game next to it, either above or below. I also ran it across the HSC ratings to minimize the chance either game has been played before.


These were my five random picks, which I haven't even downloaded to try myself so far so they may be entirely crap or unplayable for a HSC perspective:


Fortune Hunter - has some graphics bugs, but is kind of playable in its simplicity

Joe a Ptaci - unable to understand the controls, but slow as crap (BASIC game)

Let's Hop - this one is a Bounder clone that counts score, time and distance, quite playable actually!

Oh! Frankie! - not that fun, although it has some playability value

Pyromania - BASIC game, slow but simple


Edit: Updated with some playability notes. Most of those picks would be terrible in the HSC, but Let's Hop is worth voting for, perhaps as a bonus game to Yoomp! or something similar.


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Snokie is a lot of fun, but I'm not sure it would hold interest for 2 weeks. Would definitely need a bonus game in there.


Buried Bucks is fun too. Gets real challenging around level 4 or 5. But it's been played before. Hmmm...


Gateway to Apshai...I might have to duck for cover on this one. It's ok, but not my cup o' tea.


Warhawk: Haven't been able to get it up and running on Altirra yet. Might have to play with the settings a bit.


Mixed Bag: Interesting idea. Haven't tried those yet...but the reviews on them look less than appealing. LOL!


Decided to go with Snokie.

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