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Well, I made it so the insects can walk around on the screen during a match. That took a few hours to do. Importing code from my other code, trying it, getting angrier and angrier, until it worked. The problems I encountered were entirely my fault. Let's just say it's really hard to make two fighters move at the same time, even if they only have two frames of walking animation, different for right and left. One thing I encountered was there being a plus sign show up on real hardware if both players moved left. But I think I solved that problem. But one problem I still have is how do I make the winged insects to punch and kick? I guess a redesign of Rumblebee is necessary, add a leg and arm to him so he can punch and kick. While it would be hard to design, it should be fairly easy to just drop the new design in there. This project is going to have a TON of sprites in it if I continue working on it. The 2k section where I have the match code in is already half full. I've decided punch is up and kick is down (since arms are up and legs are down, at least on a human body). And I'll have the health bars be the same color as the players so I won't have to type the characters' names. I can't even do that if I wanted to. Each health bar will have ten notches on it: 6 characters and 1 quad each. I can't use quad3 because I'm storing variables in there instead of in 010-02fh since those are reserved for characters, all of which show up sometimes. So yeah, this is really hard going.

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