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Assembler Editor saving issue

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Is anyone familiar with the assembler/editor cartrige? I keep getting error - 164 when trying to save my source code over an existing file using the command LIST#D:MYFILE. the manual says that it will overwrite existing files but it does not seem to be to be working.


I checked the assembler editor manual and there is no entry for 164 and I don't understand what is causing this error to occur. I am saving using LIST#D:MYFILE. The initial save works but when I change lines of code and try a subsequent save on the same file then it fails. Maybe the assembler editor cartridge is not closing the file after the list command completes? I am using the Altrra emulator


The manual pages do warn about using the file name of an existing file but it states that the destination will be overwritten (which is what I want to happen but I get a 164 error instead)









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Yep, corrupt disk. Best thing to do is stop attempting to write to it.

Then try and copy each file to a fresh formatted disk.

You could use a utility to attempt to rescue the data from Error 164 files but the resultant data might be incomplete or a mix of different files.

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Gentlemen, is it possible he is using virtual drives? He does mention using Altirra along with his cart. If this is the case, he should probably just ensure that the disk is set to R/W and not Read Only or Virtual R/W.

Of course, I may be missing something. Happens all the time.

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