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So I was looking through an old issue of Games magazine yesterday. The one thing that really struck me was the Boggle Puzzles. It also had beside it a full page on how to make your own. So I attempted to make my own using the only three example words provided. This was the result:

I know this isn't probably an ideal place for feedback on this sort of thing, but today I finished a Video Game themed one that took a few hours to make. Somehow I crammed 10 video game characters' names into a 5x5 grid, and still had one square left over. I should post that sometime in the coming weeks. So there are three done right now I did. Mom alerted me that they did not carry Games at the book store downtown. So now I have to go hunt for stores with it. I doubt there is one around here. Subscription time, perhaps? So anyway, that's what I've been doing the last time I blogged: Hard at work on word puzzles that probably nobody will do except me. Oh well, it keeps me busy.

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