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Weird color issues with av mod?


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Picture shows the issue. Antarctic adventure illustrates it really well. The sky starts blue at the top and gradually turns purple. Then after that pretty much all the blues just turn purple. Console is av modded and running through a framemeister. Any ideas?


I think its the av mod I bought. If I wiggle the actual board around the colors get better and the image sharpens but then cuts out completely. Ive had nothing but problems with the chips ive bought from this guy so I guess thats the issue.


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The rainbow effect around the white lettering is similar to what I see on my flat panel when I'm using the s-video monitor out but the source is a composite signal. So I have to set a switch on my upscaler that switches to the composite output. That cleans it right up. But the color fading effect I've not seen before, other than when the voltage isn't strong enough or rather perhaps, the current?


I have one of Yurkie's composite mod kits in my CV and it looks great! Similar in design to what you posted from Retrofixes, but I believe the connection points are bit different. I know the audio on mine is not pulled from within the RF can and I pull it from one of the leg of one of the caps near the back edge of the board.

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