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12 Gigs?!

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Man it sure is going for alot wouldn't it be a heck of alot cheaper just to buy a regular Falcon and make the upgrades youself?  :ponder:

But this is standard Falcon, there is neither accelerator nor graphics card, it only have 12 GB harddrive.

The price is high, maybe included Cubase make it so expensive.

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I have a 7 Gig HD that I would like to install into my 1040ST or mayby my 520STfm how would I do this??

Which disk you have IDE or SCSI? If you want to install it to ST you need appropriate hostadapter, for SCSI the Link is good choice and for IDE I saw hostadapter on Mario Becroft home page http://gem.win.co.nz/mb/atarihw/ide.html

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