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I'm wondering if there are a zip file/image (virtual box?) with a full setup with development tools and emulator for the Jaguar, for faster code-test cycle. Just download and start to code.





There is Belbozs stuff but it's also several years old.



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Or just use a simple batch file ;)

rmac -fb -u -o output.o mysource.s
rln -z -rq -o mysource.abs -a 4000 x x output.o
start virtualjaguar mysource.abs --alpine

Grab whatever text editor you like, I'd recommend Notepad++


Its not 2007 - this stuff is simple to get into now!

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If you are starting in jaguar development first you have to choose the right tool chain. "Right" in terms of what is your preferred way of programming.

Personally I choose the vbcc/vasm/vlink tool chain. You have to invest a little bit to get it running, but all is well documented in the vbcc documentation.

Starting from the current version, vbcc targets the Jaguar with the standard C library, so you could run the standard "Hello , world!" sample (you will find a million times in the internet) without changes.

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rb+ contains tools to convert files into jaguar native formats, gcc/g++ 4.6.4, rmac/rln, if you're into basic a basic->c converter, a build script to bundle all these into a binary and vj to execute them.


You are of course free to modify the build process to your heart's contents but it's really download'n'run :).

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