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Difficult to load


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I have one of the original Harmony Carts. For quite a while the situation has been that unless the cart is tilted in the perfect position on the console then all that will be displayed is the yin-yang symbol spinning forever. It gets quite irritating having to switch the console off, reposition the cart, power on and hope for the best sometimes 20 times or more. I'll run a q-tip or two over the contacts and 9 times out of 10 there's no visible contaminants present. Anyone have any ideas why this is the case?

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That sounds like a problem with the SD card. Maybe just reinserting the card helps. Else, can you try a different one?

I agree. At first I was thinking it could be dirty contacts in the 2600, but you wouldn't see the spinning yin-yang if that were the case.

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