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Mac/65 help

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you have to exit the cart to DOS and load your program from there. or, if you assemble to memory you can enter ddt and run from the start address by typing "G xxxx" where xxxx is the hexidecimal start address (*= from your source).

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I don't think there's any command to execute direct from the editor like the AtAsm cart.


The cartridge based Mac-65 has DDT built in which you can call from the editor. DDT allows scrolling through memory which shows a dump or disassembly, as well as letting you change memory and do the usual step, trace, run stuff.


The earlier mentioned document doesn't have the manual included and the DDT link is no good.

I've got some scrappy looking PDFs here but there should be better guides around.

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Does it need Java or Javascript?

You should be able to install components independant of the browser. As for Edge vs the others, I watched a Chrome vs Edge security check with 5 phishing sites and 5 attempted malware executable runs and Chrome came out on top.


The big weakness of Chrome is that dodgy sites attempt to install hijacker extensions and the user just replies to the dialog allowing it to happen.

As for the Wannacry problem - supposedly if you're up to date as of about 2017 May 15th you should be protected against the backdoor worm weakness.

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Possibly Jac! would sort it out once for all, I think WUDSN IDE is not dependant on a web browser, only Java. As far as I know you are not strictly required to install Java systemwide, you could use Eclipse with Java build in, but I'm no expert on this :(

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WUDSN is a plug in for Eclipse, which does require Java (not to be confused with Javascript which is not Java) to be installed. It will make your development in 6502 Assembly a heck of a lot easier. Other than looking up info on the WUDSN website and getting Eclipse, no browsers are needed.

Just so I can get a better understanding of where we're starting from, how technical and experienced in developing would you say you are?


wudsn doesn't run in microsoft edge as it requires java and due to the hacking scare, I refuse to download another browser

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this application requires java runtime 1.6.0" that's all it says when I try to run the rom maker app. why can't they just make a version that doesn't require java to be preinstalled? real fucking annoying

also, internet explorer is not working on my laptop, just edge. so I will need an alternate program


Q/S: this application requires java runtime 1.6.0" that's all it says when I try to run the rom maker app.

A: Yes, the application was written in Java 1.6. The current version is 1.8. It's possible it's backward compatible. What version of Java do you have installed?


Q/S: why can't they just make a version that doesn't require java to be preinstalled".

A: Well, Java isn't preinstalled with Windows since Microsoft doesn't own it. It's one of the most popular runtimes but unless the developer of an application writes it specifically for that OS, it won't run "out of the box". In fact, programs written specifically for Windows tend to not run as newer version of Windows are released. Java is a runtime which means as long as you write a runtime for that particular OS, you can run that program on it. That means that, generally, a Java app will run on any system that supports Java where a Windows app will only support Windows and maybe only that version. Java gives OS flexibility so that's probably why.


As far as IE on your laptop, you're using Window 10, because, you know, Edge, so IE11 is on there. Microsoft just hid it a bit since they want you to use Edge. I know this for a fact. Have you tried going to the search bar and typing IE11?


Can you tell me how technically experiences you are? It would give me a good starting point.

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so, just out of curiosity, are edge and IE linked, i.e will java be updated for both browsers?

No. Edge is a separate application and, in fact, runs in it's own "sandbox" opposed to IE 11 which has a bit more free rein over the OS, which makes IE 11 less secure than Edge. From what I know, Microsoft didn't want to include IE11 in Win10 but people insisted for several reasons, some reasonable and some not.

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