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PAL 2600 4-switch mod

Mr. Postman

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Hi, I recently modded my 4-switch wood front pal console. I was under the impression from the mod instructions I've found that I should remove the "Red Cylinder" as well as the Transistor near it. The mod is complete and the console works, but now I'm questioning on if I should have removed that red cylinder or if I should put it back?





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I have done the same mod on my all black 4 switch. But I left the red thingy in tact. I found that whilst the colours are super vivid they tend to shadow a little bit. But hey I'm happy with it.

From what I understand the red thingy shadows the graphics a little making better viewing on a cathode ray tube. So if you're using a lcd or plasma then remove it. If using a cathode ray then leave it in.

Best of luck to ya.

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