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Online subscription details revealed


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Would depend on where you live I suppose, but in Canada it seems Live and PSN are both sitting at 69.99/year, roughly. I believe that's the price tag on the prepaid cards at any rate.


At 19.99 (Likely will be closer to 29.99 for Canada due to currency) whether I pick it up will depend on if I can get the online stuff working at all - but if it's just a matter of putting it in the dock and plugging the dock into an ethernet cord then the odds will at least be good. (I'll reserve final judgement after that depending on what kind of discounts subscribers will have on games.)




Also, most importantly, it'll depend on nintendo continuing to offer prepaid cards. Ain't no way a video game console is getting a credit card number from me.

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Still won't be paying for this.


Why can't Nintendo have an account set up where we 'buy' a digital game and ownership is transfered from system to system.


True, this is going to seriously impact my decision as well but I might still buy a game or two to "Customize" the system itself if the discounts are good enough.


Without an account setup similar to PSN/Live though, Nintendo can be assured I won't be spending hundreds of dollars on (discounted!) games the way I do on PSN. If they're fine with me making 20-40 dollars worth of purchases (Like I did on the 360, although for different reasons) instead of making nearly bi-weekly purchases, the more power to them.

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I'd like to see how they handle things once the service is live instead of pre-judging them and going with the rumor mill garbage. If it's true that while accounts aren't tied to systems but the games still are, don't count on me buying much of anything, maybe a couple hands worth of digits at best over the system life as that crap pisses me off (outside of some insane deal like they did on Wii for 50cent games that rotated.) I get their a digital lease, but to bind them to hardware is beyond childish and controlling. If they can be lifted between systems like PSN did for me when I cared, then that's another matter. So for now, I wait and see.


Either way though at $20 to use anything online if I need to, and with the full growing library of free to play classic nintendo titles (NES, if not NES and others) that's a good motivator too. Sure beats $50+ a year. For that price when my stack of PS+ cards ran out on PS4 I canceled it.

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$20 a year is solid. The cheapest I could get XBOX Live was about $35, and even then I never really used it for online play. I've played online more with the Switch in the last week than I have in the last couple of years on the Xbone, so I might actually end up going with Nintendo's plan.

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Honestly, the only part of this I'm not 100% on board with is the weird kludge of using your cell phone as a headset. I'm sure it's a nice option to have, but hopefully some company will release a proper headset for the Switch.


Come on, Nintendo. Get yourself some sweet, sweet accessory money...

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Honestly, the only part of this I'm not 100% on board with is the weird kludge of using your cell phone as a headset.

I pretty much hate voice chat anyway. I see this as a way to make it impossible for 12-year-old boys to scream obscenities in my ear. Sometimes less tech is better.

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^That gets a like. I loathe voice chat unless it's among actual real friends. It's just consistent stupid, vile, evil jagoffs more or less otherwise who act terrible to get a response and ruin others fun so they can have more fun themselves. Goes right back to that old joke of that video caught of some kid yelling as hit mom 'bitch get my chocolate milk' as he was doing I think halo on an xbox. We need less of stuff like that to the stalker trolls with big mouths.


To me all I care about is streaming services, multiplayer on specific titles if I so desire it, and the other perks like the free virtual console goodies. Maybe more, but Nintendo isn't say so much yet until they really unveil the entire service officially.

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