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Edladdin 5200 Controller


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I just purchased the Super 78 Edladdin controller for my 2600/7800 in the AA store. It is so awesome!!! Cant use any other controller now. I emailed Ed at Edladdin and asked about INTV, ColecoVision, 5200 versions.


INTV - no luck due to 16 directions

ColecoVision - all complete....due soon

5200 - he will start working on one for the future....no set date...but he plans to get one completed!!!


Happy gaming!!!

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Wow, thanks everyone! You've definitely put a smile on my face!


The Coleco saga is finally coming to a close. Here's a video of Super CV #00001 being put through its paces by Willie Culver of the ColecoVisions podcast:




And I am absolutely committed to a 5200 controller. I've rebuilt and exceeded my teenage 5200 collection, and - just like the 7800 - many of those games are crying out for a solid arcade controller. Thanks goodness for Dan Kramer's CX-53!




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Mine arrived in the mail yesterday. I am so pumped... I have played though most of my meager 2600, 7800 and 8-bit collection in the time since. My scores and performance increased substantially and Robotron 2084 was stellar. I'll be back for a different model soon and when the ColecoVision and 5200 variations of these joysticks are released to the general public, you will find me in line for 'em. Highly recommended!


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I'll probably get a Supreme 78 and use it along with my Wico 5200 keypad and Redemption 5200 7800 adapter and make myself a setup for my 5200 utiizing all three. That would be perfect, the best of all worlds, an, all-leaf-switch joystick with twin fire buttons, the touch-tone phone-quality keypad from Wico and my 7800 Redemption 5200 adapter with most of my games.... PERFECT!!!


......and, oh yeah, I will also be waiting for a Supreme/Super 52 from Edladdin and place an advanced order for a unit when they become available. Thanks!

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