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Ninja Mission Coin-Op Arcadia -Amiga 500


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While browsing Youtube last night, I came across something that I never knew existed - the Coin-Op Arcadia series. Apparently, these machines were a series of upright coin-op machines that contained expanded A500 motherboards that accepted up to eight smaller PCB game boards, which contained games. Think SNK's Neo-Geo MVS and you'll get the basic idea.


Ninja Mission for the Arcadia looks incredible. The backgrounds animate; the sprites are larger; there's better sound; a faster-paced soundtrack; and a boss at the end of the game. Aaargh and other Masteronic/Arcadia games also appeared on the Coin-Op Arcadia with additional/improved visuals, better sound, etc.


Just thought I'd share my findings with those that may not be fimiliar with the Coin-Op Arcadia. And those that are fimiliar with the system -- please chime in with what you know about it!


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