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Intellivision E3 2017 - Moon Blast revealed


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I think the mainstream press overlooked Intellivision. ;-)


So here is a new game coming soon.







They did overlook it , it was never mentioned on the official site.


If I knew you were there I would have shown up, I am 30 minutes away! :)


The game looks cool, keep up the great stuff, Wolfy.

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Here's a "YouTube approved" look at gameplay, including a sneak peek at a bonus game that can be unlocked.



(Sometimes it looks like the player's laser doesn't fire, but that's just a limitation of the video's frame rate.)

Cool stuff, thank you Mark for posting this! :)

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Laser Blast is a mediocre and repetitive game on the 2600 IMO, but the enhancements, features, options and boss battle here look as if they add quite a bit of fun to the mix. Nice! Love the sounds too. :love:

I can't really disgree with your assessment of the Atari version. But to me it was always some good quick shooting fun. And yes the enhancements add more to it. This game is a favorite around my house with my kids and their freinds. (When they actually play intv with me. Lol) My boy loves it. I hope you all enjoy it.

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Sharks with frickin' lazer beams attached to their heads!

Well it was supposed to be a surprise, the shark is out of the bag.


This game is 99% complete. Just need to do a little more playing and review testers comments.

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