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E3 2017- what ARE the exclusives?


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So, I missed part of the E3 conference, but the recap articles all say something to the effect of "40+ new Xbox One games! 22 of them are console exclusives!" But no one is saying which ones.


I would still like a good reason to get an Xbox One, despite Microsoft working very hard to cancel or delay anything that looks good *coughscaleboundcough*. Now, some of those E3 games do actually look decent. I'm glad Cuphead has a release date. New Ori looks good! But- I already have a PS4 for anything that's coming out there, so knowing what requires an Xbox is kind of important here. Anybody got a list handy?

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I decidedly do not have a beefy PC- I have a 4 year old HP pavilion g6 laptop. I do intend to replace it somewhat soon, but I can't afford a proper gaming rig- basically as long as I can check email & watch twitch for a few years I'll be set. (You have nailed exactly why my fiance won't buy an Xbox One. He's currently got his eyes on the HP Omen.)


I also don't have a 4K tv- hell, I only just replaced my CRT last January! I was considering getting the X just to future proof... but not at double the cost. Especially knowing it's arrival will likely herald deals and/or price drops on the S model.


But in the end, I still need games to play on thing. Which is why I'm hoping to find a list of those exclusives.

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Seems to me Crackdown 3 is an exclusive. The reason I know about it is because I love the series and have already pre-ordered the game which I believe ships out sometime in Nov.

Other than that I have no clue I'm sad to say. Haven't been able to follow gaming much this year. Next year I will with a vengeance though!

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