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Wanted: 3d CAD designer, Injection Mold company


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It's not clear if you are asking for two different things, a 3d product modeler who understands mold flow, gates, draft, sinks, boss design, etc. and/or an injection molding company, which may or may not be also separate from a tooling design company. It is also not clear if you seek short-run, full production, and the typical material that you seek, ABS, polyethylene, etc. Someone who excels at one may not be great at another, i.e. a computer bezel designer would not be the ideal designer of a fluid container.


Typically a 3D modeler will work in-house at an electronics company and use multiple 3D prints to determine fit with circuit boards and controls, as well as study texture options and colors/graphics. At the point of approval, the design data will be submitted to tooling designer and then a mold maker, then an injection molder, warehousing, packaging, and finally distribution.


Most often today the phases beyond design will occur overseas.

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