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Ebay and floppy disk guessing game

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I've been on a DOS PC kick the last couple of years and like most collectors, frequent ebay to see what's out there.


A lot of these old big box games would come on multiple disks. Sometimes they will say "Disk 1 of 5" or something similar. Sometimes they don't. When they don't and the seller lists an item as untested, it's sometimes hard to figure out if all the disks are actually there. Is there a website that will list all the contents and more importantly, how many disks there should be with a certain game? I was looking at one Lucasarts auction and it lists 3 floppies but there's no markings on them indicating how many disks there should be.


The only thing I've tried is looking up similar games on ebay but sometimes there aren't others to compare them to.

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