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Classic Game Fest - Austin, TX July 29-30


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Classic Game Fest is returning to Austin July 29-30.

BILLY MITCHELL – the Legend!
WALTER DAY – the Ref!
ERNIE CLINE – Ready Player One / Armada / Fanboys author


John “Gamester81” Lester
Norman Caruso – the Gaming Historian
Jared Thorbahn – Cheap Ass Gamer
Brett Weiss – Author
Pat Contri – the NES Punk
Jason Lord – industry expert
NPC Collective – Nerdcore MEGA panel!
Austin Institute of Art – Game Design

And don’t forget…also included at CGF2017:
Live video game music from 20 different bands/performers
Costume contests for all gamers (kids to adult)
Amazing Cosplay Guests and Fan Groups
Live Podcast from GameOverCast
Free play arcades all weekend
Free play console gaming area
Classic Video Game Museum
Retro gaming tournaments
Special Trivia and events
Giveaways and more!

PLUS- the HUGE new vendor hall with OVER 100+ VENDORS & ARTISTS!


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Wow, less than 2 weeks away and not a single reply to this thread? Is anyone else going?


While I'm not thrilled with the ticket prices this year, it's a once-a-year thing for me so the increase doesn't matter that much. Judging by the website and social media, I'm sure it will be well attended, but thin on the older consoles/computers. Still, the vendors always have something of interest from every era, it seems. I'm still kicking myself over passing on some of one of those cheap Atari 800s and XLs there last year. Holding out hope that whomever that vendor was will be back with another stack of old Commodore and Atari 8 bit "untested" machines for cheap.

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I'll be there bright and early tomorrow morning! I've been to every CGF since it began and it's amazing how big it's gotten. The first ones were just a bunch of sweaty people crowded around CRTs for N64 Smash Bros. competitions. Now, we've got the man, Billy Mitchell himself, speaking! Should be a great weekend.

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