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Here come ol' flattop - Distractions...


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I want to optimize my code in Bombs Away to cut down on cycles and keep the frame rate steady while using only one drawscreen in the main game bank - instead of two drawscreens as I am using now. I discovered that you can access the sprites 1-9 on an index of sorts... which will allow me to cut out code that was duplicated for each sprite! Of course, i thought I was so clever and then I shared with RandomTerrain and iesposta... iesposta found it first! Hahaha, anyway, I haven't put it into Bombs Away yet, but here are two demos. All of the sprites are controlled with the same small code - no duplicating.


Then I found myself having an aversion to going back into the Bombs Away code to implement this trick. So, Id been discussing TIA music with Barrie and iesposta and I decided to make a sequencer to help me create music to be used with my bB programs:




I have since turned the keyboard around. I realized it would feel really weird having the high notes down towards the bottom of the screen. Anyway, this is my focus right now.


And in other diversions... my cats love this new game I made for them out of a box I got free at the pet store. icon_mrgreen.gif

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