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Please help! I think I accidentally messed up my color on 800xl... :(


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Sorry to cross-pollute some threads, but I'm hoping someone will know how to fix this or have a link before I buy a different cable.


S-Video Mod attempt on an 800xl trying the 3 step Faicuai method but it mucked the color:

I clipped out C56. Soldered a Chroma-signal wire under the board from the 5 pin video connector (left lower pin as pictured in description) to the R67/R68 junction (in between, as in connecting to R87 AND R68)

The bad part: Lifted right leg of C54...

I got a decent signal, but in black and white. If I pushed the leg of C54 back down to its former joint, the ready prompt screen turned back to blue. I tested that "live" which probably was a bad idea... I only get B&W now even IF I put that leg back. I removed C54 completely for now as maybe it is dead? How do I get color back? I've tried with both NTSC and PAL Antic chips swapping out in case it was a PAL issue. Does not seem to be the case. I did hear strange noises coming from the 1084S monitor speakers but that stopped.
Is it possible that I did everything correctly, but my cable may have been designed for Commodore 64 and the pins don't match up or do I need a different video Din connector?


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