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Plotmapfile fun with Mario and Shantae tiles


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I see the Mario pictures, and the early stuff with 7800 Basic had some Zelda graphics. You guys know Nintendo is a current, active, and powerful company. Any parody you do looking similar to their stuff cannot be sold for profit. So make up another character and have him jump on some different creatures on the screen. Use rabbits instead of turtles or something. Use different music. That is how the 2600 Princess Rescue got into trouble.

That is exactly why I suggested this in my earlier reply on this thread. Not necessarily to be sold for profit as companies like Nintendo will threaten legal action regardless of it is for profit or just for fun as an homage without profit.


Yeah, I thought about that as well. As an alternative to SMB2 I think Psycho Fox would be a wonderful game for the Atari 7800 and no one is going to sue over that game. Psycho Fox was a underrated game on the Sega Master System that was a lot of fun to play and it would be such a delight to have it on the Atari 7800.





Psycho Fox is considered by many fans to be Sega's version of Super Mario 2 on the Master System. Put it on the Atari 7800 and tweak the areas that needed improving from the Master System release and this would be the killer app for the Atari 7800. Edited by Tidus79001
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