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Micro Machines World Series

Cobra Kai

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Had a chance to play this some today. Going to play some more tonight. There are a few different game modes, and you better have Gold otherwise you'll miss probably %75 of the game, which is quite unfortunate for solo gamers.


As far as online play, you have 3 different modes. Race, Elimination, and Battle. All 3 are quite different and a good time. Race is a standard 5 lap race with 12 players, very crowded action, and with all the weapons it's chaotic and very fun. With the top down perspective and the weapons it's like 12 player RC Pro-Am!


Elimination is a Race, but if you die you're out. When only 1 racer is left, the 'round' ends, and points are scored. The race then continues until someone scores 10 points or something, it's pretty good. You can eliminate other racers in various ways, either with weapons, running them off the road, or simply speeding ahead and leaving them behind. This is a mode where all the players are on the screen at the same time and share the space, so if you can jump out ahead you can eliminate the laggers.


Battle is like Mario Kart 64 battle mode with capture the flag mixed in there. This is where you get to see the full potential of your little micro machines, as each vehicle is outfitted with it's own custom weapon loadout.


You also get loot boxes and rewards for playing and ranking up in online play, things like extra paint jobs and death markers. I don't know about any extra Micro Machines yet, but I don't see why not. I have 12 cars now. I'm hoping there will be more. Very fun game so far though! Get it.

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