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Hacker Face (2600)


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7-4-2017 NEW FILE


Hacker Face is a cyberpunk game for the Atari VCS.


You are SMILEY PUNK, the elite HACKER FACE.
Use your 2600 to access the virtual reality matrix and steal data files from powerful megacorps.


This is the first release. The game is fully playable & complete.


I'd love to hear what you think. Future changes are possible based on feedback.


The manual provides more in-depth information, story & background.






7/3/2017 - 1.1

-ERROR sound no longer loops forever

-optimized code

-expanded story (Levels 1-32)


7/4/2017 - 1.2

-fixed bug with new game score





7/4/2017 Hacker_Face.bin

7/1/2017 hacker_face_manual.txt


7/3/2017 - Hacker_Face_v11.bin

7/1/2017 - Hacker_Face_v10.bin

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Nice game. I find it to be addictive. I had a question. Can the game be beaten or are you just playing for score?


I notice when you fire and miss your bullet sometimes stays at the end.


If I were to nitpick, I would want there to be a pause in game play after you "die". The other thing I would want fixed in this, would be for the sound at the end of the game to go away after a few seconds.


Nice job!

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Thanks for the feedback, Gray Defender! Glad you like the game. In response to your questions:


-Smiley will leave her last graffiti after hacking through level 16. You can keep playing for score after this, but it's the "ending." Levels 17+ are different, but I won't spoil it :)

-Data missiles sticking into the walls is a feature. You can shoot one in front of a Tipula to buy some time. It will destroy itself on the missile and you can go crazy picking up data pills for a few seconds.

-I'll definitely implement a sound loop for the end of the game in a future update (1-3 weeks). I admit I like the "flatline" sound, but I get it...



In response to ColecoGamer's question:


-I don't have any plans for a physical cart release at this time. However, I think it would be awesome...



Also some screenshots:





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I really enjoyed the game (I finally found time to play it last night). Maybe it was Stella, but I noticed something about Player 1's missile: sometimes after firing, the missile will get stuck at the top of the screen before vanishing.


Otherwise, you have an addictive, fun game that I'd be happy to purchase if it does receive a cartridge release.

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Posted a new binary.


Rename the old file to Hacker_Face_v10.

Hacker_Face.bin will always be up-to-date.


-ERROR sound doesn't loop forever.

-I optimized a bunch of the code, so I had extra rom space that I used to expand (almost double) the story. The ending is level 33.



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When you lose your last man, you start over with your current score instead of resetting to 0000000.


Game is off to a good start. It gets a little monotonous after a while and the only real difficulty increase is enemy speed, so once you learn to stay off the sides until you get a $ or a # you can play forever. Took me a while to get used to the lack of diagonal movement, but I think it fits the game perfectly.


Would there be a way to introduce the enemies slowly as the levels progress? Start with just the Demons then add the Tipulas, then $, and then other hackers and finally, when you get to really fast levels the bunny. At least then there is some novelty late in the game. Would also take longer to get through the early levels if you couldn't cheese on the $ for big points early.


Love the crispness and cleanliness of it.

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Upload new version fixing that score bug. Thanks StanJr.


It's interesting, I wonder if you can play forever? :) Highest level? Highest score?


Edit: CrazyChris, I'm using visual batari basic. I'm planning on releasing the source code too, but it will be a long time.

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