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MicroVision Replacement Screen - Let's get SERIOUS about it!

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Looks like I probably wasted another $1.50.

The zebra connectors are on opposite edges of this glass rather than on adjacent edges like the Microvision glass. So, we know one more part that isn't a drop-in replacement.


The viewing area is so close to the same size that I doubt that would be a problem at all.

This glass looks would fit under the clear bezel thingy of the Microvision with a tiny modification.


Maybe a patient person with time on their hands could make this work by laying adhesive copper traces over an insulating layer on the original PCB and jumper to the original pads. I'd have to tear down another unit to see if that would really be feasible. Even if I could make it work, it'd still have the sub-pixeled pixels.


This one is by far the closest I've seen in a modern product.


I'll probably take yet another approach to solving this some day if one of you smart people don't figure out a solution before then.

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