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TG16/Booster/2 Taps/Stick/3controllers w/ Everdrive - posting for a friend


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mas over at racketboy is offloading all of his consoles and accessories to go the Pi route. He put the TG bundle on ebay but the rest are over on the RB forums (big sega lot, etc.)




Tg16 system

Turbo booster

Three controllers

Tg16 arcade stick


Two turbo taps one works great the other I think is defective doesn't work with other controllers

Extension cord


Listed at $500obo, he'll take less I know, but I don't know how much. Trying to help him out as so far he's getting insulting shit thrown at him by grubby resellers trying to get it for around $200 or so making it look like it's a deal when the TG+everdrive alone would go around that much.

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