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After 33 years I finally bought a joystick adapter


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I know, I know..I'm truly a sadist for using the TI sticks, but I was trying to recreate the experience I had growing up. I plugged in my handy slick stik I've had on my C64 and Amiga for years, and it almost feels like cheating how much easier it is to play games now.


I think if I hadn't been poor, I might never have learned to program, because those Atarisoft ports are pretty good for the era, and I would have just played those all the time instead of trying to make my own games. With the joystick adapter doubly so. All I had growing up was A-maze-ing and Tombstone City.


The proof of this is when I got my C-64 I got a modem and a bunch of BBS numbers and I never learned to program on the C-64 to the level I did on the TI.


EDIT: I posted this in the wrong forum, but don't see the option to delete. Mod please move to the main board

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