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Bypass the function keys


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Hi all,

I would like to put a SIO2SD inside 600XL that would be controlled by the aluminum function keys.

Is it possible to bypass the function keys to control the sio2sd by adding a pushbutton (N.O) on the 600XL which would be used as the "FN" key on the PC laptops?

I am not an electronics expert, if someone could help me ...

Thanks :)

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I just finished the 600XL with SIO2SD+U1MB+Dual Pokey,


It's the first time I do "mod" like this, it was not easy for me

Not perfect but I'm satisfied :)








I'm still looking for the way to use the 600XL function keys with the SIO2SD...


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Cool mod. Interesting idea of using the function keys for SIO2SD, but the machine will be unusable for almost every game in existence without Start, Select, and Option keys being properly wired. Also, you'll never be able to disable built in BASIC without the Option key.

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You'd need some kind of five-contact switch on the console key lines which would cause the SIO2SD buttons to be pulled down in one position and the original console key lines to be pulled down in the other (normal) position. No doubt this could be done with a momentary switch and some IC and I'm sure someone cleverer than me could design a simple circuit for that, actuated by a little momentary switch you could position somewhere.

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Yes i know, that's why i need "FN Key" ;)



Yes, that's exactly what I want to do without electronics skill ;p


So, I do some testing this afternoon...


On the keyboard connector, if I connect pins together 11, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 , this disable de console key, but not sure if it's safe... I think no, i am wrong?


Thanks ;)



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