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Genesis Multicarts Using 74161- Any ideas why it is not working?


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Ok so I ran across a few threads here and there about combining 2 roms or more to make multicarts in which the reset changes the game.


I found this article showing wiring a 74161 but it does not work for me.




Data sheet:





I have tried so many different things. Now doing what he says which is pulling A19, A18, and A17 from a m27c160 and wiring to the 74161 gets me to the Sega Logo but then freezes. Using the eprom wired normally plays the first game, so the eprom does work to a point.


I even pulled A16 for the 4th highest like it shows in his diagram but not in his description. None works. If I have A19 and A18 routed to the 74161 and then A17 connected to cart as normal I get scrambled graphics.


I do believe this information is partially correct but I feel something was left out. My next guess is maybe try putting the cart pins for A19, A18, A17 and connect to the other side of the 74161?


Any ideas?

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