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Activision Patch Measurements


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For those of you who own Activision patches for the Atari 2600, could you measure a few of the patches for me? I'm working with someone to have some patches made for an upcoming game, and we're curious what size we should use for them. I don't personally have any Activision patches, so I can't measure them myself.


The round patches in particular would be good to measure (Kaboom!, Decathlon, Dolphin, H.E.R.O., Laser Blast, Private Eye, Space Shuttle, Spider Fighter, Stampede).





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Spider Fighter is 3.5" across. And because it's early, I measured from both directions. Doh!


Was the measurement the same in both directions? ;)


Thanks! That is larger than I was imagining (even though I have seen these in person). Now I'm curious if all the round patches are the diameter.



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The 3 Decathlon patches are more like 3.25"; Dolphin, Kaboom! (both Atari and Colecovision), Laser Blast, Oink, Spider Fighter, and Stampede are all 3.5"; H.E.R.O., Private Eye, and Space Shuttle (Pilot) are 3". (Worm Whomper is an oval.)

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