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So apparently the secret government waffle project has potential. The problem now is what do I do next? I had a problem before about the waffle's randomness and a waffle wall forming, but I think I fixed it. I also had problems with the sounds being scratchy, but I guess that's just the way INTV does sounds, so I changed the eating noise to a chomp instead of a ping. And I changed the sound of the power up getting as well to make it sound less scratchy. So now I'm thinking "How do I proceed with this?" The ROM size is 11.5k, so I have a little bit of room to explore and try new stuff now that the main part of the game is set. I guess I like the "wave" idea someone suggested. Perhaps I'll have wave 1 be just the way it is now, and wave 2 will start at 500 points and have the waffles move up or down diagonally left instead of the way they're moving now. How does that sound? I'll work on that now. The title screen is back to red like people suggested I do.

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