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3DO Repair Help :)

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Pebble beach and the 3DO Buffet disc both try to read... and eject (2 attempts and ejects in 10 seconds). I burnt Return Fire.... and it stays in for quite some time withthe access light staying on as if it is trying to load it up...for much much longer. However the disc does eject after a bit. I think it is trying to load it but the second chip is saying hey wait this isn't the game I'm supposed to have let me look further... and then doesn't know what to do so it spits it out.

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Hmm. Maybe the laser is actually on its way out after all. I would have also checked a Japanese specific game before removing the ROM2 to confirm it being the Kanji chip. Keep that ROM safe incase u do want to play jananese only games in the future.


Edit: Fantastic! Glad it's finally working. Wonder why that game worked but the others failed?

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