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Label slipping off?


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Greetings everyone. I'm very new to this place, but not Atari. If I am posting this in the wrong area please let me know.


So I have a weird issue ...


So I just bought this and figured I would just recreate a new label .. but maybe this is worth saving? Has anyone found a way to get labels to move? LIke steam or something??? hair drier? Would love if I could move it back to where it should be and call it a day (without ruining the cart of course). Thanks for any advice! Cheers



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I'm not an expert, but with the age of the labels, I don't think a hair dryer would work, since the adhesive has been dried out for a LONG time. Steam might do the trick, but I've never tried it. Usually when it comes to something this old, you either have labels that just fall off or ones that won't even budge. There are a couple of guys on the forums who make replacement labels that are as good or better than the originals also there's the Atari 2600 label maker online, which lets you design and print your own. I'd try steam, but there's a good chance you'll end up needing a replacement label. IF it does come off intact, I recommend using stick glue, like youngsters use at school. It works well to fix peeling labels on vintage toys while not damaging the plastic or leaving a mess if you ever need to replace it. So It should work just as well on this.

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I've had bad luck with glue sticks lasting longer than a couple of months. My best results have come from thorough cleaning with goo gone then 91% alcohol, taping off with painter's tape, and applying a thin coat of spray adhesive to the cart. Let it dry a bit so it's no longer liquid and very sticky and press the label from one end to the other, smoothing out bubbles as you go.





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